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A Celestial Gem!

December 30, 2011

The Andrew Geoghegan Celestial Cocktail ring collection is a stunningly elegant and contemporary range of what can only be described as wonders of the universe. Each ring has the handmade quality and craftsmanship you would expect from this world renowned designer and there is no loss of attention to detail. Each ring can be customised to your requirements, but there are basically eight styles available, these are Celestial Fire, Garnet, Ice, Pearl, Peridot, Rutile and Tourmilated. The band has a concave profile that only enhances the magical qualities of these rings.

The gemstones themselves are encircled by brilliant cut diamonds of outstanding character of up to vvs in clarity. This means that any imperfections in the diamonds are considered minute and extremely difficult for even a trained diamond grader to perceive under 10X magnification.

To keep the radiance, beauty and shine when opting for white gold, the rings are rhodium-plated as standard. This enables the precious metals used to resist scratches, avoid tarnishing and and gives a lustrous reflective appearance.

My personal favourite is the Celestial Tourmilated ring. The semi-precious tourmilated quartz stone encases black tourmaline needles that naturally occur in the formation of the crystal. This rare phenomenon gives an incredible and visually stunning effect that is sure to be noticed and commented upon. The ring is available in platinum, gold, white gold and rose gold but I personally prefer the white metal options, platinum in particular. The platinum compliments the crystal clear clarity of the stone and the blackness of the tourmaline needles make for an arresting and beautiful contrast.

This ring was cheekily placed on my lovely wife’s wish list for Christmas. Sadly the funds are a little tight this year and so a more frugally priced ladies watch was procured for the big day. However had the funding been available this devilishly stunning ring would have been in her Christmas stcocking!

To see the Andrew Geoghegan Celestial Cocktail ring collection just go to the link below.  The first eight rings shown are from the  Celestial range and my personal fave is ring number eight.


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  1. Peter Spokes permalink

    I was looking at this very range ofjewellery for my girlfriend, Thank you!

  2. She must be a very special and lucky lady, Thanks for the comment!

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