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Having A Good Time On £1.2million of Our Cash!

November 29, 2011

I’ve noticed recently in this part of the country, and no doubt elsewhere, how public bodies and banks owned or part owned by the tax payer are splashing out on refurbishments and new premises. Swale Borough Council have just opened a new drop-in centre on the site of the old Woolworth’s store in Sheerness. It looks amazing, the whole place has been refurbished and it doesn’t look like it’s been done on the cheap. There’s a bank of computers for free internet access, conference facilities (that will see little or no use) and a reception area to die for!

Halifax Gets a Spruce Up

How can a council that’s screaming poverty and cutting services in every area, suddenly find the money to pay for outrageous extravagances like this? I’m well strapped for cash myself at the moment, maybe SBC will send round some workmen to sort out all the jobs I need doing but can’t afford? The previous council offices are situated in Trinity Road. Although it is an old building, it is perfectly functional and in these times of austerity adequate for the services required by its users.

I made enquiries to SBC to find out how much this glass and chrome elephant is costing us. I had a call back the next day and was informed of the cost. The total came to a staggering £1,200,000!  I was given all the usual bumph, about how the old building was too small and there are facilities there that the disabled can use without travelling to Sittingbourne, but is £1.2m a little too much of a price to pay for a little bit of convenience?

Meanwhile along the High Street at the Halifax, (you may remember that that’s the bank we own and that’s making a loss at present) there’s been a complete refurb too! New chairs, a lovely wood laminate floor, glass doors and contemporary partitioning. Once again the old Halifax was perfectly adequate for its purpose. apparently many Lloyds Group Banks are getting a nice new refurb on our dosh. Nice for them, not so nice for the taxpayer.

The Police don’t go without either. We are being told that Bobbies on the beat are being made redundant and there’s no money to fight crime, but Sheerness Police Station undergoes a 6 month improvement to its already useable facilities. They even have a brand new bright and shiny sign outside.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I’m some sort of Victor Meldrew killjoy. I don’t mind, for example the idea of a Christmas Tree to lighten our hearts and bring us all some winter cheer. It’s such a shame that the council’s love of cash splashing doesn’t extend to its love of Christmas or Winterval or whatever they’re calling it these days. Our ‘tree’ looks like a bush dragged through a hedge backwards. It’s about as inspiring as a fart in a perfume shop, and just as enjoyable.

When it comes to public bodies wasting our money, apathy becomes their best friend. As long as we just get on with our slave like lives, they’ll carry on spending our taxes on unnecessary crap.  Tant pis, as they say in France!


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