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Blue Seal G91B Salamander Grill LPG Version from CaterTrade

This compact and versitile grill sells for around £960. The LPG version makes it especially useful for my small catering trailer that I run at the weekends. The initial cost does seem high, but the extra turnover and profit I make from it is incredible. For example, I sell two toasted slices of cheese and tomato sell for £1.50 with a cost of just under 50p making me a 200% profit margin. The unit heats up very quickly and is very economical as it is only fired up when needed unlike a griddle that has to be kept hot. Whether you have a tiny unit like mine or one big enough to house a hippopotamus, as an addition to your catering business I’d highly recommend the Blue Seal G91B Salamander Grill. For more information, click the link below!


Elephants at the North Pole..


I entered the Flythomascook GPS Competition:

My friends and I went to the USA for a holiday in the 1980s, backpacking across Florida. We felt like pioneers, as this was when Freddy Laker first introduced ‘cheap’ transatlantic flights making it possible for three 19 year-old boys to visit the delights of Orlando and Miami Beach. Back then we didn’t have the luxury of satellite navigation technology and relied instead on our naïve teenage experience. This proved, on a few occasions, to be slightly wanting as we found ourselves in a some sticky situations. The most memorable of these was during a ‘quick’ walk to the Dunkin’ Donuts shop near our motel in Miami. We took a few wrong turns and soon found ourselves in shall we say, a less desirable part of town. Three pale skinned teenage tourists looked as out of place as an elephant at the north pole!

We carried on walking looking for a tourist information office or friendly Bobby on the beat who could direct us back to our motel (we really were that naive). Soon we came across a big, old looking building with a sign on the door reading ‘Community Services’. Entering, we hoped someone could help us get back to our motel. That’s when we realised we’d walked into a church full of evangelical Christians praising the Lord Cheeeeeeesus! Before we could make an exit we had half a dozen African Americans welcoming us into their congregation. “Sorry”, I said, “We were looking for someone to give us directions

”“The Lord had brought you here, he has directed you to us”! said a big, smartly suited guy with a huge, broad smile.

Being typically British and not wanting to offend anyone, we endured 2 hours of Pentecostal singing, healings, we saw people lying on their backs babbling in unintelligible language, plump ladies with hands in the air and swaying side to side. For three 19 year olds from Kent it was very surreal and extremely embarrassing. Finally the community church service came to an end and the congregation curious of these three white boys from the UK fired question after question about ‘where we were all from’.

Eventually, we made our excuses to leave but, the Pastor (or whatever he was called) said “Now, we can’t have yo boys walking the streets in downtown Miami, I’ll drive y’all back to yo Motel”

A few minutes later we were indeed back in our room and completely exhausted! It’s a shame that that morning Marty McFly didn’t turn up back from the future in his DeLorean with a Sat Nav, it would have saved us a lot of trouble!

But, the worst thing was that we never did get our Dunkin’ Donuts!

Loches, The Loire Valley in a Nutshell!

I entered the Flythomascook Photography Competition:


Flythomascook Photography Competition.

This is Loches in the heart of the Loire in France. There were a thousand pictures I could have picked from, but his captures the magical, archetectural wonder of history and charm that’s to be found in abundance in this small but perfetly formed town.

I entered the Flythomascook Photography Competition:


Flythomascook Photography Competition.

Maybe the French aren’t all that bad after all!

Last year my wife, three daughters and my eldest girl’s boyfriend and I, went on holiday to the Loire Valley. It was absolutely beautiful. The open empty roads, gorgeous châteaux(‘s), great food and vineyards where you could buy local delicious wine for peanuts!

One Saturday, we were on our way to see the châteaux at Chenonceaux. Ten kilometres from the village our car started spluttering and slowing down. I pulled over and looked under the bonnet. Nothing was obviously wrong, but then again I know nothing about engines whatsoever!

We were in the middle of nowhere with no one around except for a few caravans and tents in a nearby field/camping site. We limped the car into the field and went to see if we could get some help. Now we all know stories of how the French are Bolshy, arrogant and not exactly Anglophiles so we were really surprised by the reception we received. Three of the caravan dwellers came out to us and I explained in very bad French that the car ‘Ne marche pas’. They looked under the bonnet but couldn’t see the problem either. I asked if there was a Peugeot garage in the area? One of the Frenchman, Louis, looked up garages on his iPhone, but being midday on a Saturday, all the garages were closed for the weekend. “One moment” he said, “I ‘ave friend in village, he is mechanic at garage. “I ask ‘im if he ‘elp”?

I agreed and he called his mechanic friend who worked at the local garage in Chenonceaux. The mechanic was about to go home, but he agreed to have a look at the car for us. We were given a tow to the garage and the mechanic, Jean, diagnosed a fault with the ‘Bobine’ or as we would say, the coil. Jean explained in pigeon English that it was difficult to find the part we needed on a Saturday afternoon as France shuts down until Monday morning. Despite this, he made loads of phone calls and located the part at a garage a few miles away. After and hour or so he returned with the part, fitted it and we were on our way! How much is this going to cost I thought, as I feared or my credit card’s life?

Jean came back with the bill, 119 Euros, about £90! I was certain that the arrogant, English hating Frogs would stitch us up for a huge amount, but they were to our surprise and delight, friendly, helpful and completely charming! I gave Jean 20 Euros as a gesture of gratitude for putting himself out and after we’d visited the lovely Châteaux, we returned to the campsite with a case of beers for the three guys who’d towed us to the garage.

That holiday and the actions of a few frenchmen has definitely changed our view of the French forever!

To read more travel stories of surprise, embarrassment, fun and excitement go to–998/  where you can enter your own story for the chance to win an amazing Kindle!

A Celestial Gem!

The Andrew Geoghegan Celestial Cocktail ring collection is a stunningly elegant and contemporary range of what can only be described as wonders of the universe. Each ring has the handmade quality and craftsmanship you would expect from this world renowned designer and there is no loss of attention to detail. Each ring can be customised to your requirements, but there are basically eight styles available, these are Celestial Fire, Garnet, Ice, Pearl, Peridot, Rutile and Tourmilated. The band has a concave profile that only enhances the magical qualities of these rings.

The gemstones themselves are encircled by brilliant cut diamonds of outstanding character of up to vvs in clarity. This means that any imperfections in the diamonds are considered minute and extremely difficult for even a trained diamond grader to perceive under 10X magnification.

To keep the radiance, beauty and shine when opting for white gold, the rings are rhodium-plated as standard. This enables the precious metals used to resist scratches, avoid tarnishing and and gives a lustrous reflective appearance.

My personal favourite is the Celestial Tourmilated ring. The semi-precious tourmilated quartz stone encases black tourmaline needles that naturally occur in the formation of the crystal. This rare phenomenon gives an incredible and visually stunning effect that is sure to be noticed and commented upon. The ring is available in platinum, gold, white gold and rose gold but I personally prefer the white metal options, platinum in particular. The platinum compliments the crystal clear clarity of the stone and the blackness of the tourmaline needles make for an arresting and beautiful contrast.

This ring was cheekily placed on my lovely wife’s wish list for Christmas. Sadly the funds are a little tight this year and so a more frugally priced ladies watch was procured for the big day. However had the funding been available this devilishly stunning ring would have been in her Christmas stcocking!

To see the Andrew Geoghegan Celestial Cocktail ring collection just go to the link below.  The first eight rings shown are from the  Celestial range and my personal fave is ring number eight.

Having A Good Time On £1.2million of Our Cash!

I’ve noticed recently in this part of the country, and no doubt elsewhere, how public bodies and banks owned or part owned by the tax payer are splashing out on refurbishments and new premises. Swale Borough Council have just opened a new drop-in centre on the site of the old Woolworth’s store in Sheerness. It looks amazing, the whole place has been refurbished and it doesn’t look like it’s been done on the cheap. There’s a bank of computers for free internet access, conference facilities (that will see little or no use) and a reception area to die for!

Halifax Gets a Spruce Up

How can a council that’s screaming poverty and cutting services in every area, suddenly find the money to pay for outrageous extravagances like this? I’m well strapped for cash myself at the moment, maybe SBC will send round some workmen to sort out all the jobs I need doing but can’t afford? The previous council offices are situated in Trinity Road. Although it is an old building, it is perfectly functional and in these times of austerity adequate for the services required by its users.

I made enquiries to SBC to find out how much this glass and chrome elephant is costing us. I had a call back the next day and was informed of the cost. The total came to a staggering £1,200,000!  I was given all the usual bumph, about how the old building was too small and there are facilities there that the disabled can use without travelling to Sittingbourne, but is £1.2m a little too much of a price to pay for a little bit of convenience?

Meanwhile along the High Street at the Halifax, (you may remember that that’s the bank we own and that’s making a loss at present) there’s been a complete refurb too! New chairs, a lovely wood laminate floor, glass doors and contemporary partitioning. Once again the old Halifax was perfectly adequate for its purpose. apparently many Lloyds Group Banks are getting a nice new refurb on our dosh. Nice for them, not so nice for the taxpayer.

The Police don’t go without either. We are being told that Bobbies on the beat are being made redundant and there’s no money to fight crime, but Sheerness Police Station undergoes a 6 month improvement to its already useable facilities. They even have a brand new bright and shiny sign outside.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I’m some sort of Victor Meldrew killjoy. I don’t mind, for example the idea of a Christmas Tree to lighten our hearts and bring us all some winter cheer. It’s such a shame that the council’s love of cash splashing doesn’t extend to its love of Christmas or Winterval or whatever they’re calling it these days. Our ‘tree’ looks like a bush dragged through a hedge backwards. It’s about as inspiring as a fart in a perfume shop, and just as enjoyable.

When it comes to public bodies wasting our money, apathy becomes their best friend. As long as we just get on with our slave like lives, they’ll carry on spending our taxes on unnecessary crap.  Tant pis, as they say in France!